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Very approachable company with the highest professional standards who introduce investment products to suit my individual needs and deliver excellent customer service. The company has a genuine interest in ensuring I make the best financial decisions and this in turn has lead me to grow my portfolio with a better understanding of investment. As a result of this I feel confident that my investment portfolio is in a positive position.
Michael S of Tunbridge Wells, England

Ignite has always maintained good communication with me, which is important. I am very confident to continue investing with them and I also would recommend other investors to contact Ignite Invest to get the most out of their investment journey.
Sara L of Dublin, Ireland

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Having only been investing via Ignite since 2019 I have been pleased with the regular communication and professionalism of the team.. I like the range of products offered and particularly impressed with the consumer litigation investment which I intend to churn going forward. Feel that Ignite offer alternative investments that meet the market place of today. 

James S, Ohio, USA